Wallet is a sub-ministry of the likeChrist Ministries NPC. The ministry is looking to build purse funds from considerate saints. The wallet funds shall be used to help low income Christians avail access paid health care expenses for special cases where assistance cannot be best availed through free state hospitals. These are health care cases that are (due to their sensitive nature) better left to healthcare providers of the same gender as the patient. A typical example being maternal/obstetric health care services or operations – which are naturally better off left to females (for both midwives as well as backup doctors).

However, it is sadly apparent that many nations have adopted the use of health care providers of both genders even for these cases. And while Christian patients in developed countries may still be able to conveniently insist on providers of their gender with success, those in developing countries may be left stranded on many occasions of attempting to make such gender-matching petitions – mainly due to under supply of staff.

Well, while availing gender-matched health care for these sensitive cases must compliment our very nature, the main concern here was on how God feels about such setups. Whether we understand him to excuse us on the merit that we be in need. And we honestly could not establish that there could be so much as a Christian provider who could handle both genders, in all extreme cases, without having to often feel like either quitting or giving in to evil lust. But instead understood that Christian patients who thus blindly seek health care could not be being charitable – but selfishness. Assuredly gathering that any provider (including heathens) who have no issue with such setups must simply void of discretion.